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Encens Japonais

Buddhist monks brought incense to Japan in the Sixth century for use in their purification rites. The use of incense was taken up by the Japanese Imperial Court. It was not until the Muromachi era in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth centuries that lower echelons of society came to share in the Court's appreciation of Koh (high quality Japanese incense) but gradually Koh-Do or incense appreciation became part of the spiritual and cultural fabric of Japan.

Encens Tibétain

The craft of making incense was established in Tibet by monks who laid down recipes specifying the exact nature and amount of each ingredient used. This is said to have been done at the time of the Buddha some 2500 years ago. Since the invasion of Tibet by China in 1951 the craft of Tibetan incense-making based on these ancient formulas is now mainly practised by exiled Tibetan monks and other refugees in Nepal, India and Bhutan.


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    Incense Holder Wooden

    Designed for small and thick incense sticks 1 large hole for thicke...


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